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I'm dedicated to helping people adapt to the turbulent social, economic and environmental landscape that will define our communities in the coming years. Working with institutions and individuals around the world, my commercial background, experience of the charity and schools sectors, together with a network of inspired thinkers, I hope to offer you a unique and valuable perspective on where your future might lie.

In my conversations with teachers, students, parents and career professionals, I've heard a resounding concensus that kids need more ambitious, outward-facing, and contemporary career guidance.

Schools and parents are up against some of the toughest challenges faced in more than a generation, so its time to beef up the support they are getting.

The world needs confident, optimistic and informed 'problem-solvers', that can also prosper in their own right.

That's where I come in.


Together we can shape a career with the world in mind.

Inclusivity Offer - BOGO! - Buy One to Give One..

For every 121 session, hackathon or talk purchased, I will give the equivalent time to a deserving family or institution lacking resources in these difficult times.

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