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Start your Career with the World in Mind

for Purpose

You can be a part of the solution AND earn a great salary.  Almost any career can be of value to society and give you personal well-being.  Let's end the false choice of 'good' or 'bad' jobs.  Conscious Careers are all around us, we just need to find our Ikigai.

By being aware of the big issues and building your career around them you'll be in demand in a highly competitive market.

Build your Human Skills

The skills needed to navigate a fast-changing and increasingly high-tech oriented world are often hidden behind our technical learning.  Its time we put your agile and critical thinking first.

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Ready for the New Work-scape

Environmental, social and economic trends may feel too big for us to handle, and also threaten our path to prosperity.

This need not be true.

Every job can be a small part of the solution.

Change is happening now, and you can be part of it.

The Conscious Careers Schools Program

Visiting 100+ schools around the UK in the 23-24 academic year, this program is a series of inclusive workshops designed to inspire understanding, confidence and optimism in future careers.

Aligned with the Gatsby Benchmarks and the UN SDGs, these sessions help students see the major changes we face, align their skills and potential, and see how to build new business opportunities that address the challenges we face.

Kids from all backgrounds need to know that they have enormous potential to realise and that the world needs their creativity and ambition.

To bring Conscious Careers to your school, please get in touch.

How it Works

1-2-1 Mentoring

"A totally new way to think about my career.."

Either online or face to face, a one hour session examining global issues and how they relate to careers, and the career in question.  We will complete a 'Career Brief', a living document that can be used for further discovery and discussion.

(includes a pre-call with parents and a 30 min follow-up call within 3 months)

This is not about UCAS application forms.  This is a chance to think big, be inspired and see what big concepts, ideas, passions and challenges will shape your decision making.

Group Workshops and Hackathons

"Excellent and thought-provoking"

With groups of students Y9 to Y13, we discuss the issues influencing our economy, society and the world of work.  We look outward, and forward, finding inspiration that will guide academic and proffessional career decisions.  Primed with an understanding of the outside world, the group dynamic helps each individual complete their own 'Career Brief', a living document that can be revised and enhanced over time.

Talks and Panel Discussions

"Inspired and full of meaning"

Designed to inspire, my talks cover a range of topics that relate to the 'Age of Accelerated Disruption'.  

'The Keys to Contribution', 'A Theory of Sustainable Change' and 'Nature's Solutions' each cover ideas of how work and society can be enhanced by progressive thinking.

(Corporate rates on demand)

Parents and Teachers

Wherever I can, I help the helpers!  With an understanding of the frameworks and structures that define the change the world is going through; you'll be better positioned to give the right and relevant advice our kids so desperately need.  Its not just about academic choices; it's the purpose behind them that counts.

The Big Picture

The foundations of good career decisions:




My purpose is to open your eyes to opportunities for personal progression, combined with self-worth and real-world impact.

While there is much to be concerned about, every individual can, with the right guidance, find a purpose that informs the early steps of a career, while providing the income they deserve.

This is not about filling college application forms, but our discussions will help build a vision that feeds into a personal statement or CV. 

I help you focus your career planning on global and local issues and then align them with your passions, experience and abilities.

Society and the environment give us purpose.

Let me help you find yours.

Pricing on Demand.

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